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Welcome! This is a daily picture community for fans
of HYDE, also known as the lead singer of L'arc~en~ciel.


1. This is a community for pictures. Every post
MUST contain a picture. Posting news about
HYDE or anything related to HYDE is fine, as long
as your post contains a picture.

Posts may not contain links to picture(s)(This
means no links to different picture galleries, your
journal, etc.). Thumnails are acceptable.

If you post in this community and you do not include
a picture in it, then any of the mods have the automatic
right to delete your post. It WILL be deleted no
questions asked and no warning. This is your warning.

Don't know how to post a picture? Directions can be found here.

2.Direct linking in NOT allowed. Upload pictures to your own
server. Anyone caught violating this rule will be banned.

Photobucket is a free service for photos online. PHOTOBUCKET

3. Graphics are not allowed here. Just
pictures/scans/screencaps. Any post violating
this rule will be deleted without warning. This
includes fanart of any kind, be it manips,
or sketches.

4. If you want to post news or other things related
to HYDE, you still have to post with a picture. AND
NO "JUST TO MAKE THIS LEGAL" because the mods will
DELETE your post right away!! It is a picture
community, not an advertising one. Please do NOT
make your post an advertising one with a picture tacked to
the end as if that was your ONLY point of posting.

Repeat breaking of any serious rule will result in your
deletion from this community. Please don't be rude
to the mods or members.

Any or all rules may be changed at any time under
discretion of the Mods.

The creator of hyde_daily is reila
The moderators for hyde_daily are endless_aoi,
reila, rawkstarr23 and theshiz

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